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Kelli Miller was born and raised on a family farm in Northwest Ohio.  She began writing at a young age, as a means of coping with her brother’s terminal cancer. While studying at the Ohio State University, she managed to cultivate her writing interests in a few writing classes but ultimately followed her mathematical strengths and the economically sound future in business administration and computer science. After college, she began a long career in information technology, working for some of the most successful companies in America while living on the East Coast, in the Midwest, and on the West Coast.  Though focused on her growing family and career, Kelli continued to write for her own purposes, this time writing to transform her corporate experiences into personal growth.  

In 2010, Kelli’s father received a diagnosis of terminal cancer.  Kelli chose to become her father’s sole care-giver and again turned to writing to help her through his illness and her transformational decision to return to her hometown and to the farm.

In 2017, Kelli published her first book, Split Second – a memoir that explores her relationship with her father, career, and decision to consciously redesign her life.

Kelli continues working as a business executive specializing in technology for a privately-owned manufacturing firm.  She and her husband, Dennis are the parents of three children. Together, they run the family farm.  Kelli maintains her physical fitness, even temper, and positive outlook by spending time in the simplicity and raw beauty of nature.  Her career, love for big goals and travel, and zest for personal development have afforded her a wealth of growth opportunities.  These experiences have become the foundation for her book and motivational speaking.